Hi there! Welcome to Sharron’s Blog Adventures. I’ve never done a blog before so I am not sure how frequent or infrequent these blogs will appear. I am someone who journals quite often, but no one gets to read my journal, so this is very different. I do enjoy the process of writing and have worked as a radio/DJ broadcaster, I was a jazz columnist for a local radio station in my home town. I have written music/CD reviews for other websites and by request. (You can find out more about my radio work on my biography page)

In Toronto, I sang jazz for 30+ years, I wrote a play, I produced radio shows and jazz music series and raised a child and cared for a sick parent. Then I met my husband and we decided to live here. I had many times mused on the thought of living in Europe since I was a child when my mother and I visited Germany. It was fascinating! So many things were different, and so many things were the same. Kind of like today.

Since moving to Nice, I am excited to make a new start and reinvent myself…into what I’m not sure. I am still a musician/singer/composer and will be always but I am excited to see the view of a musical life from this geographic point and time. Moving to France, has it’s challenges and sometimes the learning curve is steep. But the cicadas here do have their own sound than they do in Canada…and I love their rhythmic sensibilities here. I hear more samba like rhythms than the electric surges of Canadian cicadas. It must be the short summers that make the Canadian cicadas make such a sound of urgency while they can.