My friend and colleague singer-songwriter Lesley Young asked me to contribute a guest blog to her website.

I was more than happy to do so. I am not sure of just when Lesley started her musical career but she is certainly a part of my beginnings as a performer.

Before I had started a voice/bass duo with bassist Alfred Gertler and was performing in places like the Cabana Room and the Rivoli in Toronto, I had met Lesley and started to sing background vocals for her group Touchwood. We were pretty good and I believe you can find videos of us on YouTube. Ah youth :-)

But we had met at Lee’s Palace’s jam session where I met many people who are now either still performing or producers and songwriters like Kyp Harness, Sam Weller, Corey Cousineau and Tami Blazer.

Many of us have left Toronto including Tami, Lesley and myself, but we come from the same humble beginnings. Check out Lesley’s music and the music of her guest bloggers at her blog Songwriter on Songwriting. Here’s the link: