What is a fauxtet?

So what is a Fauxtet? “The word Fauxtet is a play on words. New York drummer Ralph Peterson called his group a Fo’tet instead of a quartet. It has an open sound that appeals to me, and sounds like the French word “faux”, so I replaced the Fo with Faux and created Fauxtet. “

“For me the Fauxtet opens up the meaning of the group on a few different levels. A fauxtet could have four or more members in the group. It also means that our repertoire can expand to include jazz arrangements of more contemporary songs from folk, pop and R&B in addition to originals and American Songbook standards. Like songs I grew up listening to” – Sharron McLeod

“Sharron…found the perfect balance between past and future, switching without hesitation between songs that inspired recollection to far more celebratory pieces”

The Annex Gleaner, Toronto, ON

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